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I was on the phone last night with Sauce Money (Shout out to Sauce and my Brooklyn Crew).  We were talking about a topic completely unrelated to sneakers.  Once the conversation was over, I asked him if he was into kix. His reply, “I LOVE SNEAKERS!”

On another occasion, myself and my business partner were in a meeting with a large and very famous advertising/marketing/promotions agency (who for the sake of anonimity shall remain anonymous).  During the meeting it came out that a very high ranking employee of the company is an extreme sneaker beast who always finds time to go on hunts during his business trips around the world.  Now I wont describe what this man looks like or anything (because I am hoping to get an interview with him), but, it will shock you.

This all goes to show you that sneaker culture is a lot more expansive than you might think (or at least I thought), and, that sneaker culture knows no boundaries.  It’s all about the love for the kick.


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