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I must apologize faithful Kix and the City readers for I have failed you….(Click More)

Today when I woke up (awakened?), I decided that my goal of the
afternoon would be to provide my readers with an no BS and (no PS) view
of the Jordan XXI.  Because the release date approacheth and
because there is much debate over the sneaker, I decided that a good
hand’s on picture review was in order.  As the afternoon neared, I
realized that I was also in the mood for some Egg Foo Young which was great
beacause there is a Mom and Pop sneaker store that has the XXI’s right
next to the best Egg Foo Young spot in New York (I defy you to email me
the name and address of another spot in NYC with better Egg Foo Young,
I double defy you). 

As I entered the store, I gave daps to the floor workers as I normally
do and proceeded to the XXI.  I asked my boy if I could take a
couple of snaps of the kick.  He told me to ask the manager, some
new person that I have never seen before.  To make a long story
short, I was told “No”.  I was perplexed.  I didnt really
understand why I couldnt take a few snaps of the kix.  I mean if
they were worried that Nike might be reading this blog and become
miffed at the store, then, why were they selling them in plain
sight?  I was miffed myself because I have spent large sums of
money in that store, as I have many a sneaker store….I mean it wasnt
like I was trying to take a picture of MJ and Angelina Jolie’s love
child….(this is how rumors start, to my knowledge this never occured)

I left the kix spot and got me some Egg Foo Young.  While I was
throughly enjoying my meal I became pensive….I thought to myself,
have I become a camera toting sneaker paparazzi?  Am I loosing my
love for the sneaker? Am I exploting the fine combination of leather,
rubber, and plastic made in Thailand? After much thought I realized,
that I am not a camera totting sneaker paparazzi, I merely want to
share my passion for sneakers with everyone out there that cares. 
I mean even if I am paparazzi, at least, I am not Popozao .  I was able to finish my Egg Foo Young with a smile.

I then proceeded to go to every sneaker spot I knew in the area in
search of the XXI, but, I came up empty.  Along my travels though,
I came across this

Now I may have to climb out of the rock that I live under, but, I had
no idea they were bringing these back out!!! They take me to
yesteryear……(as you can see, I wasnt playing this time, I dropped
the Sidekick II on them boooooy!)

Also, to make sure that I wasnt harboring any bad feelings against myself, I bought this T-Shirt:

I couldnt get us some pix of the XXI’s, so instead, I bought a Tee with 20.  It’s still all about the love….



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