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Yes friends, it is true.  (Click more)

As I mentioned yesterday,
I bolted down to The Reed Space to bid on the limited edition (8 in
total) NYC edition Zoom Kobe 1 Sneaker.  Now there were really
only two reasons I was bidding on this sneaker.  The first reason
being: I had such a great time at the Zoom Kobe 1 event at The Reed
Space that I wanted to commemorate it with something special (and
probably muy expensivo).  It isn’t everyday that you get to meet
an NBA superstar the caliber of Kobe Bryant.  The second reason
being: if you haven’t noticed, I have a slight penchant for sneakers, a
very small one, nothing major….

I got to the shop and was immediately greeted by my boy Drew (shout
out).  I told him I wanted to bid on the sneaker, and in
turn,  he told me the current (at least at that time) bid on the
sneaker.  Upon hearing the bid, I was consumed with thought and
strategy.  If I bid too high, I would be penetrating myself deeper
into a sneaker induced debt (albeit for a great cause I told myself),
if I bid to low, I would get snubbed out by the competition. 
After a nanosecond of thought, I decided to drop a Benji on top of the
last bid (step up NRF!). 

Content with my bid, I walked around the shop to see what they
had.  The clothing rack was filled with fire, Nike Air wind
runners, hoodies, and jackets.  All of which in order to touch,
you needed to be outfitted with special gloves….

Anywho, as I was walking out of the store Drew stopped me in order to
tell me that my exact bid had already been placed earlier by a friend
of mine in the NRF.  I became distraught, wraught with
anxiety.  I didn’t know what to do.  So I called my friend up
that placed the bid.  I could hear in his voice that he meant
business and that he was willing to see my Benji’s with Benji’s upon
Benji’s…So I decided right there and then, to hand him the

Now I must say, there is a reason I did this (besides the Benji’s upon
Benji’s thing).  My friend is a true Kobe fan and I am not. 
I knew the sneakers would mean more to him than they would to me. 
This is a little something called collectors etiquitte (no it isn’t I
just made that up).   Collecting for the sake of collecting,
with no purpose, and ultimately at the expense of someone else is just
wrong in my book.  I collect what I like, not what someone else
likes for the sole purpose of preventing them from having it. 
Maybe we should all think about this from time to time when we are
about to drop some ungoldy amount on a pair of kicks that would better
fit in someone else’s collection.  Heck it might even save you a
couple of Benji’s…

Enjoy some pix of the kix…


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