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I was expecting the “sneaker apocalypse”, yet from what I saw, the Stash Blue Pack release was anything but hectic.


Now I will preface this post by saying that what you are about to read is my interpretation of the events that unfolded at Recon NYC yesterday. I am sure that everyone has their one stories, but, this one is mine…
I hopped on the train yesterday morning at about 9:00am to make it to Recon by a little before 10am. As a heads up to all those from NYC, there is major construction going on from now through the fall and it is wreaking havoc on the 4,5,6 lines, make sure you are aware of the changes, they can foil your plans real quick. I got to
Recon at about 9:50 and to my surprise, there was an actual line! Now I know you must be saying to yourself “of course there was a line, kids lined up 4 days in advance”, but, lining up and keeping a line is two completely unrelated things. It is my experience that once the bell tolls about 5-10 minutes to opening, any semblance of a line is gone. From what I understand, sometime earlier that morning people began to line up according (or at least close) to their wristband number. Whether or not this is true, I am not sure, either way, no one seemed to fuss over the order of the line. MTV was their again covering the situation…It seems that they are going real hard with sneaker culture. I can only pray that MTV does not turn sneaker culture into some corny mockery of itself. MTV always has a knack at exposing popular culture, some things though, are better left untouched. I
checked out the entire line, said what’s up to the people I knew, I snapped some pics of the orderly line and waited until the clock struck 10. There wasn’t a heavy police presence outside the shop. From my count there was only one squad car manned with one officer. I
doubt there were any undercovers on the block, it really wasn’t that serious. Big shout out to Chris from FC who was peeping the situation with me and Jace1 for stopping by in his three piece.
At around 10am (another first for me, shops rarely, if ever open, up within 15 minutes of the scheduled open time for big releases) Recon opened its doors and the man handling the door let about 5 people through. A whole three minutes passed by and one man’s four day journey came to an end. The kid who began the line on Tuesday night, becoming an overnight sensation/most hated man on the planet, emerged from the store with his pair…The first pair of sneakers released yesterday, obviously to this kid, was a pair of AM 95s in size 9, mark that down in your sneaker chronicles. He left to a completely “authentic” round of applause and he was immediately scooped up by MTV. He said his peace on the mic to MTV and stuck around long after he purchased his pair. As noted the day earlier, each person was only allowed one pair of sneakers, either an AF1 or an AM, not both. This was of course the case with each time you came up to cash register, as many people hopped right back on line after getting their initial pair. One thing that I did notice that struck me as odd (and lead to the ability for people to hop back on line) was that the wristbands that Recon gave out on Thursday were pretty much useless. No one, to my knowledge, was checking anyone for wristbands, let alone asking for their ID, checking their number, or cross referencing the bands with an internal list. If you had a wrist band with an early number on it and were near the end of the line, or visa versa, your place on the line at open became your official place on the line…
Inside the store, Stash was piecing (for those that don’t know what piecing means, he was autographing the boxes with his tag) boxes and taking pictures and what not. Each pair of sneakers came out to $240 after tax. Most of the sneakers purchased, at least while I was there, were the Am95s, which was surprising to me being that this is New York and all. New York loves AF1s. Everyone that emerged from the store with their pair seemed relieved to have finally ended this confusing and taxing ordeal. I stuck around for a little bit took some pictures and left soon after.
For all the talk on several message boards about robbing people, fighting cutters, bringing weapons, etc., NOTHING went down while I was there. Obviously this was a good thing, no need for nonsense like that, I applaud everyone who left that ignorance on the forum. It was Lafayette Street in broad day light…Also, another FIRST from my experience, Recon had more than enough pairs to accommodate everyone at least once. Whether or not the purchaser got their size was another thing, but at the very least, from what I saw/heard, no one went home empty handed, which is crazy to me.
I do though worry about what this campout meant for sneaker culture as a whole. It seems as though with each limited release, the ante to get a pair of sneakers is increased exponentially, placing everyone involved in more and more of a dangerous position. Tempers rage across the internet and the actual lines become more hostile (whether explicitly or not). I can only hope that releases remain calm and everything goes as smoothly as possible. I also worry about the culture as a whole, with all of the exposure it is getting and with the FLOOD of “limited” sneakers, things seem to be becoming a tad saturated. I will save my thoughts on this for another post. Maybe some of you would like to chime in…Either way, enjoy the PICS!!!


Shot of the line right before opening


Front door at opening time, the kid who was first in line goes in


He emereges to to much fanfare



The unveiling of the booty, a pair of Size 9 AM 95s
Meanwhile inside




Stash measures and hits the Nike Boxes


Outside again, Spencer from Recon shows off his Friends and Family Stash’s saying, yes you waited in line for days but you are still not as fresh as I is.


Emulating the F&Fs shown above, NitroMan (shout), is the first to let Stash hit his actual kick.


I will leave you with this, please remember who made this all possible..


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