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The amount of people, the confusion, the exhaustion, an unecessarily volatile mix…


It is no secret that the campout for the impending release of the Stash Blue Pack (tomorrow at 10am), is quite possibly the most ridiculous campout in modern memory. Sure there have been bigger lines for past releases, but, to my knowledge, I have never heard of a campout beginning four days prior to release. This release will definitely go down in history as a turning point in modern sneaker culture. I will save the ramifications of this release for my more comprehensive Part II post, but let me just say that I am baffled as to where we can go from here….
Moving along, I traveled to Recon today in order to gauge the situation. To begin with, the amount of people outside at 5pm was pretty staggering. As some of you already know, due to the fact there were over a hundred people camping out for several days on very busy street in the middle of the most famous city in the world, the Police were forced to step in on Thursday in order to clear the sidewalk. At this point, everyone on the line was given a numbered wristband. The numbered wristbands were then cross referenced with a list containing corresponding names. The line was then dispersed and told to return today at 5pm. I was told, by friends at Recon, that 118 wristbands were given out.
It is safe to say that when the line reconvened today, the “order” that was determined on Thursday, was completely eradicated. While I was there most of the line seemed utterly confused as to exactly how the release would be handled. To be honest with you, I have no clue either…It was determined though, that each person on the line could only purchase one sneaker, meaning, only one AF1 or one AM 95, not both.
MTV was there filming again. It seems as though MTV is popping up all over the place at sneaker events lately. I can only really imagine what MTV is “contributing” to sneaker culture. My guess is, not much.
Look out for Part II tomorrow. Kix and the City will be on hand to cover the actual release. I hope all goes well.


A shot of the front of the line, included in this pic is the man that started it all…


A Full View of the Line


MTV in the middle of the mess…



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