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First and foremost big shout out to everyone that attended the event and a HUGE
shout out goes out to Futura, Stash, and the entire Recon staff for putting
together a great event. (Click More)

Just came back from the Recon instore reception entitled “Teenage
Kicks” in celebration of the new Recon/Nort store on Lafayette
Street.  Truth be told, I had a blast.  I spent the entire
time with Shawn (HUGE SHOUT) from Jordan Brand/Nike.  We chopped
it up about life in general, and more importantly, we spoke about JB’s
plans for ’06.  It is safe to say that ’06 is JB’s year.

The vibe at the event was excellent with many of New York’s sneaker
heads and urban
fashion elite in attendance including Will from Nome De Guerre,
George from Triple Five Soul, aNYthing, Married to the Mob, and even
the World Famous DJ Clue.  Note to everyone reading this, when
throws an in store reception they do it right, using four cases of Moet
to quench the thirsty crowd. We ran through
that Moet in no time.  The crowd seemed right at home with each
other; mingling, talking kix, talking life, and enjoying the fine
champagne.  As if the (FREE) Moet and great ambiance wasnt
enough, Recon gave away T-shirts commemortating the event.

I will let the pictures do the rest.

The Moet was FLOWIN!!!

The Teenage Kicks Official Tee

Shaw(ea)n Squared: Shawn from JB (Left) and Sean from Recon (Right)

Last but definitely not least, the Kings of New York Futura and Stash


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