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As I predicted earlier, many a sneaker head gathered on Lafayette street for the release of Supreme’s newest collaboration with Nike SB , the Nike SB Blazer “Supreme”. Click more for some pics and my recap!

As the release date for the Supreme x Nike Blazer neared, I became conflicted. Although any Nike x Supreme collaboration is inherently predicted to be successful, this collaboration was somewhat different.  For this collaboration, Nike and Supreme teamed up to design on the Nike Blazer SB.  Although the Blazer is one of my favorite sneakers of all time, it is oft over looked for the more coveted and almighty Dunk.  The night before the release I resigned myself to the fact that I would get up early and cross my fingers for a short line.  It is safe to say that crossing your fingers doesn’t work.

I got to Lafayette and Houston at about 9:45 am.  Supreme usually opens at 12pm so I figured I would have ample time before the store was set to open and a good spot on the line, if there was any.  As I approached Supreme, the startling reality of the situation began to set in. The line was, at minimum, 200 – 250 people strong, and growing by the minute.  The line practically took up the entire block of Supreme, length wise and width wise.

I surveyed the line, noticing a couple of familiar faces, and took some pics.  While I was surveying the line, a representative from Business Week began to ask me several questions regarding Supreme, Nike, Skate Culture, Skate Fashion, etc.  He seemed like a cool dude who was extremely fascinated and interested in the spectacle before him.  Sneaker Culture seems to be getting a heavy amount of attention lately. From Time Magazine, to the NY Times, to MTV, to Business Week, sneaker culture is causing quite a stir (for better or worse). 

As both the line and anticipation continued to grow, Supreme decided to open at 11 am in order to quench the hungry crowd.  Once the shop opened, the eager crowd was let in five at a time, albeit very very slowly.  Each consumer that entered was allowed to by two of the three available colors in like sizes and the kix were sold at about $180 a piece after taxes. With each five that slowly entered and left, the nervous anticipation grew larger and larger, until, that nervous anticipation turned into desperation.  At about the time the fourth set of five consumers was to be let into the shop, the front of the line rushed the door.  The man guarding the door (shout out to him, although he will remain nameless for now) had to physically restrain the crowd by pushing them back from the door.  One guy against over a hundred ravenous sneaker heads, the scene was pretty crazy. 

At that point several Supreme employees came out of the shop in order to tell the crowd to calm down, or, the shop would stop selling the kix altogether.  The line calmed a bit and I took that scene as my cue to get out of there.  The tension outside the shop grew at the same rate as the line did, rapidly.  I knew that there was no way to get a pair of these kix by getting on the back of the line.  I decided to spend the rest of my day walking around Soho. I figured I would try again a little later…

Congratulations to all those who were able to score a pair (or two) of these kix.  Until next time…

Just in case delirium set in from camping out all night, this sign was there to remind you what you were doing

My view of the line as I approached the shop

As has become customary with these type of releases, the lawn gear was in full effect

A shot of the front of the massive line

A long night…

A wide shot of the block

Another shot from the back of the line, the arrow is pointing to the Supreme sign showing just how long this line actually was


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