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Nike Air Force 1 1VOTE

Extending the 1VOTE Concept that debuted at Nike’s “1Night Only” Party, during which the attendees voted for the “Stash” Nike Air Force 1 High, Nike recently unveiled the “I-95 1VOTE” touch screen installation at Baltimore’s Downtown Locker Room and Philadelphia’s [Sneaker Villa].
For the I-95 1VOTE, DJ Clark Kent and local AF1 aficionados preselected a pool of 25 pairs of AF1s per city. Local voters then have the power to elect one of these preselected Air Force 1s as the best Air Force 1 according to that city. The top Air Force 1, as selected by the voters, will then be re-released exclusively in that city during the Summer of 2008. The voting at Baltimore’s Downtown Locker Room is now closed and the “UENO/Sakura” Nike Air Force 1 was selected as the top Air Force 1 in Baltimore, meaning, the “UENOs” will make their return in 2008 as a Baltimore Exclusive.

Philadelphia’s 1VOTE installation at the [Sneaker Villa] is open now and will remain open through 12/26. As of now, the “Mark Smith Laser” Nike Air Force 1 holds the lead.
The I-95 1VOTE will make its way to its final destination, New York City, on 1/2/2008
For more on the 1VOTE visit: [1VOTE on the Nike Air Force 1 1THOLOGY]
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