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So I decided to go on a sneaker expedition through the frozen tundra I affectionately call New York City.  Armed with my snow shoes, I traveled throughout SoHo in search of the new Nike SB “Send Helps”.   Besides being a sucker for patent leather kix which I have mentioned before in an earlier post (which I have no doubt that you have already read), I also love suede and Dunk Highs.  With this sneaker being a Dunk High and mostly suede, it is a must have (would it have hurt Nike to make the toebox suede?).  I hit all of the usual spots: Supreme, Clientele, Recon/Nort, Stussy, Union, Blades, and DQM.  Although the rough terrain and feet of snow made this trip a tad more daunting than usual, I am so accustomed to this trip that I could honestly do it with my eyes closed.  If anyone out there would care to wager on my ability to do so, please send your bet to

The highlight of my trip was getting to see Dave at DQM.  You may say that DQM is his shop so why wouldn’t I see him there, but, everytime I have gone in there lately he hasn’t been around.  It is always good to see Dave. He is definitely one of the nicest people I have met during my sneaker collecting career.  Shout out to him.

Back to the Send Helps.  Supreme is sold out and they haven’t come in anywhere else, yet.  So if you slept like I did (there I go disobeying the first rule of sneaker collecting again (Rule #1: Don’t Sleep)), there is still a chance that you could score them at another shop like Dave’s or Blades later on in the week.  If you see them, please be kind and leave a 9.5 for me.


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