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The CLOT/MC Yan designed Nike Air Max 1 NL “Kiss of Death’s” are finally slated to touch down stateside this Saturday, June 3rd.  These kix are a Tier 0 release and thus will only be available at ALIFE and Nort/Recon (in NYC).

If you plan on purchasing these kix, please remember that “NL” stands for “NO LINER”.  This means that these kix do not have the extra padding around the ankle that is normally found on all other kix.  With that being said, if you plan on wearing these kix, you may want to consider going a half size smaller.

*Disclaimer*Although Nike sets official release dates for
almost all of their releases, these “official” release dates are often
ignored by many retailers.  Many retailers will, at times, release kix
up to ONE WEEK PRIOR to the “official” Nike Release date.  Tier 0
releases, Niketown releases, Large Chain (Foot Locker, etc) releases,
Boutique releases, and Online releases though, will often adhere to
Nike’s official release dates.  This is reality.


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