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The Internet has been buzzing ever since ALIFE Rivington Club’s cryptic “Purple HAZE Square” surfaced a couple of days ago.  This “Purple HAZE Square”, hit the Internet with no rhyme, no reason, and no explanation, until now….

Behold the meaning behind the Purple Square

ALIFE Rivington Club recently replaced their traditional red carpet with a brand new and lush purple carpet.  This new carpet, as we have come to expect with everything that ALIFE is involved with, is of very high quality as it is extremely rich in color and very plush.  The carpet though, like the cryptic square that preceded it, is a symbol in itself, of many great things to come. 

This September will mark the 5th anniversary of the legend that is ARC NYC.  The installation of this new carpet represents the first step, of many, toward the culmination and celebration of ARC’s five year anniversary later on in the year.  Consider this new carpet as the beginning, the “Jump Off”, of exciting things to come from ALIFE Rivington Club. 

Keep your eyes open.


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