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After loosing lots of junior bacon cheeseburgers at AC, I needed a pick me up.  Thank goodness for TJ and the Postman….

One major differenence between my site and other sites that
highlight sneaker culture, is the fact that I am really just a regular
sneaker head myself.  I wait in line for kicks (sometimes), I stay
up late trying to catch midnight releases on Eastbay (which I never
get), I throw pennies into my piggy bank in anticipation of releases
months in advance, I still get giddy off of the site of a new sneaker
box, and most of all, I still love that fresh sneaker smell. 
Sometimes kix are just what the Dr. ordered, like chicken soup for the

Here are my pick-ups for the long weekend.

Nike Dunk SB High “Todd” aka “Send Help”

Designed by Todd Bratrud of Consolodated Skateboards

Thank you Todd for your combination of suede, leather, and beautiful colors

Thank you TJ for hooking it up lovely style!

Nike Dunk CL “Germany”

Unbeknownst to me prior to owning these kix, Nike makes Dunks that AREN’T SB’s! Isn’t that Crazy? I had no clue!
unbeknownst to me prior to owning these kix, there are other countries
out there besides the USA! One of them is called “Germany”! Wow! I
don’t know where you guys are but thanks for the black suede toebox!
Thank you Mr. Postman for delivering these beauties to my door!

Nike Dunk SB Low “Pele” aka “Hawaii”

Designed by James Arizumi
The ultimate pick-up for me this weekend. So nice I had to get them twice!

Thank you TJ for hooking it up lovely style once again!
you Mr. Postman for delivering yet another package of kix to my
doorstep. I will put a little something extra in your stocking this

The “Pele’s” get my early vote for SB of the Year.  Now I know
that Nike has some tricks up its perverbial sleeve, but DAMN, look at
this thing. 

I have to devote a post to analyzing this sneaker.  It is way to beautiful to just give it one pic….


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