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Nike Zoom LeBron V

For 99.9% of the sneaker buying world, a sneaker box is merely a container that aids in the storing and carrying of a pair of sneakers in and from the sneaker store. The casual sneaker consumer will often discard or even convert a sneaker box into a Christmas Card/Bill holder once they get home. For the collector though, the sneaker box is much more than a piece of folded cardboard. It is common to walk into a collector’s home and see boxes stacked high, piled low, and stuffed in closets or under beds. The box, to a collector, is the ultimate stacking tool and the best way to keep their sneakers protected from sunlight and other environmental dangers. For the collector then, or the serious sneaker buyer, the Signature Sneaker box is that much more special. Signature sneaker boxes are often very different from all other sneaker boxes, and to a collector, the signature sneaker box signifies a difference between what the signature sneaker box holds, and what all other boxes in their collection hold. A Signature sneaker box shows that the brand behind the signature understands that the sneakers within the box, are not your everyday sneaker.
In a trend that dates back nearly 20 years to the early Jordan line, the Nike Zoom LeBron V, like other Zoom LeBron sneakers before it, will come in a special Nike Zoom LeBron V box. The Nike Zoom LeBron V box is all Black with a large foil Roman Numeral V emblazoned on the front. Like past Zoom LeBron boxes, the Zoom LeBron V box features a drawer system that when pulled out, features Black and White Images of LeBron in action along the sides. Overall, the box has a very regal feel to it as the Zoom LeBron Series is meant for “the King”.
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Nike Zoom LeBron V
Nike Zoom LeBron V
Nike Zoom LeBron V


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