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Before we get into the design characteristics, mindstate, technical aspects, etc. of the Zoom Kobe II line, as well as, the larger picture behind Nike’s Zoom Kobe II Media Summit, we would like to unveil the third sneaker in Nike’s Zoom Kobe II trio so as to clear up any misinformation circulating the Net.

Nike is set to release the Zoom Kobe II Lite to complement the Zoom Kobe II Sheath and Zoom Kobe II Strength models. The Zoom Kobe II Lite was designed with aggression and conquering play in mind. The strapless Zoom Kobe II Lite, although not fully produced yet due to Nike/Kobe’s determination to get the style as light as possible, will be the lightest of the three models with a proposed weight of 13-14 oz. The Zoom Kobe II Lite provides ball players with a lightweight option designed for quick cuts, fast drives, and baseline to baseline speed. The Zoom Kobe II Lite is scheduled to realease during October of 2007.


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