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Taking a quick break from our Nike Hyperdunk coverage, we shift gears to the Nike Sharkley. Designed by Jason Petrie, the Nike Sharkley is a nod to the Nike CB94 and the Nike Shake N’Destrukt, two sneakers that were not only loved by the 90s Basketball community, but by Petrie himself. According to Nike Basketball and Petrie, Nike Basketball does not want to loose the feeling and the great design created by 90’s Basketball footwear, but, they do want to utilize today’s advanced Basketball sneaker technology. The Sharkley, and the Petrie designed Huarache 08, accomplish this task by keeping a classic overall feel and look while incorporating Nike’s newest technology.
The Nike Sharkley will be worn by several of Nike’s athletes in the Play-Offs and early next season. Several of these athletes, including Carlos Boozer and Ben Gordon, are set to were PE versions of the sneakers. Ben Gordon’s, or BG’s, PE Sharkley features a a White Patent upper, with Red accents, and a Black inner sleeve. Gordon’s “BG” logo is emblazoned on the back of the sneaker to add a hit of personalization.
The GR versions of the Nike Sharkley are available now at select large chain retailers. PE versions of the Nike Sharkley, such as the BG Sharkley, are scheduled to release sometime in the future at the House of Hoops.
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