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As they say, all good things must come to an end, and this is the case for both Entourage the HBO show and the Entourage x Nike SB Dunk Low. According to a rep from the Hot Rod shop, the co-designers of the Entourage Dunk, the Entourage x Nike SB Dunk Low will NOT be releasing. Here is their official statement:

“sorry yo! I can tell you for sure that these will never drop to the public. HBO and Entourage will not be allowing Nike to use they’re brand on a shoe sold for profit. This shoe and 49 just like it were made because Nike wanted to present Entourage with a gift. No blog, no rumor, and no prayers to god himself will change that. I truly wish I could report different information to you, but I can’t.”

With that said, on to the next one.

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