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After winning an unprecedented amount of Tour De France cycling races, Lance Armstrong has now switched gears, so to speak, and set his sights on the NYC Marathon set to take place this Sunday, Nov. 5th. To commemorate this new endeavor, designer Mark Smith, Lance Armstrong, and Nike have come together to design a limited run of “Lance’s Army” inspired 10//2 Zoom Moire+’s.

More Info:

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Release Info:

Set to release on November 4th in three colorways, Yellow, Green, and Lava, (with matching splatter midsole) Nike’s Lance Armstrong Zoom Moire+ Pack will be available at Niketown NY, 255 Nike iD (36 Pairs) as well as, other select Nike Retailers. Available options within this limited Zoom Moire+ Pack include an iPod Nano (to assist in tracking runs utilizing the Nike+ system), stickers, patches, and T-Shirts. The entire pack is housed within a handcrafted wooden box.


Design Background:

“[Mark] Smith then created a manhole graphic that symbolizes the indelible spirit of both Lance and New York. The manhole cover is broken into sections by six spokes, which mirror the spokes of a bicycle. In each section, graphics – such as a marathon icon, a cancer sign, a lightning bolt, a skull and numerous others – are piled atop each other in tribute to Lance and his army. Around the outside of the manhole cover runs the epigraph twenty six point two miles thru five boroughs in the cold wet weather of New York City on Sunday November fifth two thousand and six USA.


Lance’s strength resides on the inside, what he’s truly made of. In a similar fashion, Smith chose to incorporate the symbols from the manhole on the inside of the Air Zoom Moire+. Using sublimated graphics, the story of Lance’s life plays out where it’s needed most – internally. Externally, the shoe features the same great outsole and upper as the original.”




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