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Nike Kevin  Garnett III Retro

pics via sekim2detcidda at NT
When pictures of the [Nike Zoom Fun Police] first hit the Net, many sneakerheads initial thoughts focused on the now classic Kevin Garnett III. Though the Nike Zoom Fun Police looks very much like a KGIII, many were still hoping for the day that the real thing would return. During the Winter of 2009, prayers will be answered. The Nike Kevin Garnett III, or KG III, will make it’s return later this years in the OG Blue/Black colorway. Though exact release dates and distribution is still being worked out, according to these pics, the Nike KGIII retro looks very faithful to the original.
One of the more interesting details surrounding this sneaker will be the name of the retro, with KG still playing and signed to adidas, the sneaker will most likely not have the name Kevin Garnett associated with it. Maybe the Nike Big Ticket? Time will tell.
The Nike Kevin Garnett III Retro is set to release during the Winter of 2009.
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Nike Kevin  Garnett III Retro
Nike Kevin  Garnett III Retro


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