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Nike Dunk Gyrizo for Olympic BMX Racing

In addition to producing the [Nike Hyperdunk 1, 2] for the Beijing Olympics, Nike is set to, for the first time, enter the BMX market. In addition to this being Nike’s first foray into BMX, this is the first year that BMX racing will be included within Olympic sport. As part of their BMX offerings, Nike has designed several Racing Kits for several countries that are all inspired by BMX Legend Bob Haro’s early BMX apparel.
In addition to the BMX Kits, Nike has developed the Nike Dunk Gyrizo (Greek for Wheel) a Nike Dunk specifically designed to meet the needs of a BMX racer. The Dunk Gyrizo features Kevlar laces, an ankle strap for stability and for hiding laces, and a redesigned outsole to accommodate a BMX bike’s pedal and the constant motion and pressure placed on the foot.
Full details from Nike:
BMX, or Bicycle Moto Cross is the non-motorized version of motocross, but also includes freestyle and jumping. The sport is making its Olympic debut in Beijing this August and Nike athletes will be outfitted in innovative footwear and uniforms.
“Looks like a dunk, but acts like Lance’s cleat.” That statement sums up the power and impact of the Nike Dunk Gyrizo, a shoe specifically designed for BMX racing. The Gyrizo, which is Greek for wheel, is actually built on the same cycling last as Lance Armstrong’s cleat. The external portion of the shoe looks like Nike’s wildly popular Dunk model, but the design of the internal plate transfers power in the up and down strokes of the rider. A strap on the upper and a lace pocket keep laces out of the rider’s spokes while a durable outsole compound was integrated to accommodate a wider bike pedal. Kevlar lace and metal grommets are also used to maximize durability. Rubber and thinner midsole on the shoe allow a rider to walk easily before and after races.
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Nike Dunk Gyrizo for Olympic BMX Racing
Nike Dunk Gyrizo for Olympic BMX Racing


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