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Nike Air Max 90 Moire

Continuing their mission to remix iconic designs with new technology, Nike Sportswear is set to introduce the Nike Air Max 90 Moire. A combination of the iconic Nike Air Max 90 and the Air Zoom Moire, the Nike Air Max 90 Moire fuses together the best of both designs.
Air Max Moire: Lighter Than Ever. Building upon the iconic silhouette of the Air Max 90, Nike launches the Air Max Moire. “The Icon Design team is always looking to innovations created by our Sport Performance teams to give our icons a new and unique identity rooted in innovation first and foremost.” – Global Design Director Jesse Leyva.
In the name of innovation, this season’s Air Max 90 was remixed with technology born from the Air Zoom Moire, Nike’s first Nike+ enabled shoe. Developed by Mark Smith, the Moire’s laser cut ventilation system places perforated holes throughout the one piece no-sew upper to give strategically placed relief to hot spots around the foot while simultaneously drastically reducing overall weight.
Adopting the Moire’s innovations to the Air Max Current represents what Nike Sportswear is all about. The notion of Elastic Design, using iconic elements of the classic while pushing innovation and form through the use of technologies that simply did not exist when the original icon was first introduced. Through the fusing of Air Max Current’s platform, which utilizes natural motion, with an embroidered and laser-cut Zoom Moire upper yielded an entirely unique yet identifiably iconic continuation in the Air Max 90 lineage.
Through the use of a one layer no-sew upper, the Sportswear design team was able to embroider all the traditional lines of the iconic Air Max 90 in stitched perfection. Released in subtle tonal hues the Air Max Moire is set to keep things cool and comfortable for Spring and Summer.
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Nike Air Max 90 Moire
Nike Air Max 90 Moire
Nike Air Max 90 Moire
Nike Air Max 90 Moire


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