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Nike Air Force 1 iK 1 of 1 Coach K 800 Wins

Coach K. The name is synonymous with unparalleled greatness in every aspect of the word. On the court and off the court, Coach K embodies greatness. His dedication to Duke and College Basketball has produced a longstanding Dynasty comprised of amazing players and above all, good Men.
To celebrate Coach K’s 800th Win, Eric Lautenbach (Head of Nike Basketball), JB of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, and good friend of KATC, Chi McBride came together to design the “800” Nike Air Force 1 iK 1 of 1 Coach K.
The story of the “800” Nike Air Force 1 iK 1 of 1 Coach K according to Chi McBride:

“The last time I was on campus a little over a month ago, My man JB in the Innovative Kitchen, invited me to be a part of something VERY unique. He was approached by Eric Lautenbach, head of NIKE college basketball, to design a 1 of 1 commemorative AF1 in honor of DUKE University’s Coach K celebrating his historic 800th win. JB asked if I would like to be a part of the design process and give MY input on this special shoe. I was completely honored and JUMPED at the opportunity. The three of us sat down for lunch the next day to discuss our ideas. My input was to make the front half of the shoe out of gray flannel with brass eyelets and black laces. This reminiscent of the cadet uniform jacket at Westpoint, where he was recruited to play, under the legendary Coach Bob Knight. I also suggested that the shoe have a white midsole and gum outsole, because, well, whats cleaner on an AF1 that that joint. JB added the Shoulder patch from the jacket to the tongue, and the rest of the kicks design, and the BOX WHICH IS BANNANAS. Eric provided us with the names of Coach K’s parents, brother, wife and three daughters, all of whose names are laser inscribed deeply into the wood, (ACTUAL GYM FLOORING) of the box’s inner rim. The DUKE is actually suede inserted between the uppers leather and pushed through a cutout in the white coach leather. The joint does defy description, and Coach K was very moved by this gift. It sits under protected glass in the DUKE University Cameron indoor trophy case. Though JB says “I wish I had more time to put this together, I would do them over if I had the chance” Me?…I wouldnt change a thing. Oh, yeah..except they’d be a 2 of 2 !!!”

Special Thanks: Chi McBride
Pics After the Jump



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