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I can’t really explain what happened in NYC this weekend.  All I know is that we are covered in snow.  COVERED IN IT!  Two entire feet worth of it.  This is crazy to me because just last week people were wearing shorts (now I was not one of these aforementioned people, I would never wear shorts in the winter even if it were 90 degrees outside, I don’t believe in rushing the season and neither should you).

Now this weather almost foiled my plans to post our first shop highlight, but, through the marvels of modern technology and this thing they called the “internet”, I will be able to create a nice in depth post very soon.  Stay tuned because I am very excited about this post.  This shop deserves a highlight (and a High Life!).

Being that I wasn’t able to go out this weekend, I took the opportunity to open two books that I recently purchased.  The first book I purchased was Bobbito Garcia’s (shout out to Bob) “Where’d You Get Those”.  This book chronicles sneaker cultures more infantile stages through capturing the years from 1960 through 1987.  I do not know why this book wasn’t a part of my collection prior to this weekend, but it is now.  The second book I purchased was Tom Vanderbilt’s “The Sneaker Book”.  This book primarily focuses on the business and marketings sides of sneaker culture, the sides of sneaker culture that take full baths in hundreds thousands of my dollars.  I am extremely interested in this book because my degree is in business and marketing.  I figure before my brain turns into complete mush, I should probably read somethng else besides the Eastbay catalog….


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