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As the Nike Air Zoom LeBron IV nears release, certain VIPs will have access to the kix in order to give them a test run. In this case, RetroKid was able to get his hands on a sample pair and provide the net with some new images and his opinion on the Kings newest kix.

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Quote From RetroKid via ISS:

“First off, these are SAMPLES. Size 9. I got them from someone last month, and have been playing in them indoors. I also walk around in them, just to break them in a little more. I’ve worn them for ball three times, and I have worn them 4-5 other times just walking around. Performance wise? They are good. The arch is a little higher than in previous Lebron models, and I note that because LBJ II and LBJ III are perfect on my feet. The LBJ IV arch is a little weird, but I think that has to do with the insole (see pics below). Plus these are size 9 and I am a true 9.5, so that has something to do with it as well.

The weight isn’t unbearable, but it is noticeable when you just hold them in your hand. When you put them on your feet, it’s not that heavy. Plus, as soon as you start running around and get into a game, you forget about the weight (at least I do). Other than that, it’s a very stable and cushioned shoe. Ankle protection is good, lateral movement is good, outsole grips well. After a few games, the weight did kick in, as well as the heat. The shoe is pretty hot, but nothing unlike the LBJ2 and LBJ3 before it.”








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