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Mickael Pietrus and Kobe Bryant

According to ESPN and The Sentinel, Mickael Pietrus is dropping “Kobe’s shoes” in favor of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans. Throughout the year and during the playoffs, Pietrus has been rocking the Nike Hyperdunk, a sneaker that was heavily backed by Kobe until he received his own Nike Zoom Kobe IV. Now that Pietrus will have the task of attempting to stop Kobe, like he did with LeBron James during the Cavs series, he is dropping his Kobe backed Nike Hyperdunks for Air Jordans, hoping that his Js will help him stop Kobe. Pietrus did acknowledge the fact that no matter what kix he wears, stopping Kobe isn’t going to be easy saying, “The only thing I can do is try to minimize his touches in the fourth quarter,” Pietrus said, according to the Sentinel. “He’s a tremendous player and those guys you can not stop them. So maybe I can say, ‘Hey, stop, Kobe! Yo! Stop!’ Maybe that’s the only way I can stop him. ‘Stop for a minute!”.
So now we have to ask. Which Jordans should Pietrus rock?
Who is taking this series and in how many games?
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