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As many have already noticed, KATC was relaunched last Friday with an entirely different look and feel. This relaunch is part of our commitment to continuing to provide our readers with high quality and in depth Sneaker/Lifestyle related information. Before I go into what’s new with the site, I would like to thank all of the Shops (big thanks to all of the local NYC shops that support KATC day in and day out), Brands, Advertisers, Websites (shout out to Slam!, the first blog to ever post about KATC over a year ago), and most importantly, each and every loyal KATC reader, KATC would not be where it is today without all of your support. Thank you. As I say all the time, “we do this so ya’ll don’t have to”. I hope that everyone enjoys reading KATC as much as we enjoy bringing it to everyone on a daily basis.
There are a lot of new features and sections on the new KATC. We have added a “Lifestyle” section which will showcase “Sneaker Lifestyle” related products. Make sure to click on that section (and all of the sections) to check out what’s in there. We have also added a KATC VIPs section which contains personal “blogs” from some very prominent figures within the culture. Our VIPs include ARI (designer/creator of the ARI “Newports”, co-founder (with ESPO) of the On the Go), Anthony “AG” Gilbert (Managing Editor of Sole Collector/AXG), MaZe (Myself), and Peter Fahey (Creator of the World Famous Phenomenon, SneakerPimps). Be sure to check out their VIP section. We will be adding more KATC VIPs as time goes on.
Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank Tom of BrooklynWorks, who is also in the process of a relaunch, for designing KATC V2 and the new V3. Tom is a dope individual who was able to turn a vision into reality. I highly recommend him for any web design needs, unless you are another sneaker site.
And before I let everyone get back to the news, recognize this, we haven’t even started yet.
Once again, thank you. All of your support is appreciated.
I’m out.


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