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Manny Pacquiao in Talks to Move to the Jordan Brand

Manny Pacquiao and his team are currently in talks with Nike to move all of his future product endorsements to the Jordan Brand. Manny and Nike have enjoyed a successful partnership over the years which includes outfitting the superstar in the ring while also bringing MP co-branded products to retail. Pacquiao, who loves Basketball and owns a Basketball team in the Philippines, feels that a relationship with the Jordan Brand is more in line with his own brand than his current relationship with Nike. According to Pacquiao’s rep Anthony Gordon,

“… as I explained to one of the key decision makers who deals with global marketing and branding at Nike, it became clear to Manny several months ago that there was a cultural disconnect between his enormous Asian fan base who literally follow Manny’s every move on the one hand, and the generic cache’ Nike brand that is one of the most well recognized logos in the world. For Manny, the fact that the hundreds of fans who came to express their support for him after the Mosley fight were wearing Manny Pacquiao T-shirts and Jordan sneakers was more impactful than any ‘focus group’ could have been. Finally, the infatuation of sports fans in the Philippines and surrounding areas in Asia with basketball finally hit a ‘marketing tipping point’ when the local media began branding Pacquiao as the so-called ‘Michael Jordan of boxing …”

Via: Boxing Scene



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