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LeBron James Officially Resigns with Nike

With all of the talk of LeBron’s pending NBA free agency, the fact that he could have also been a “sneaker free agent” this Summer has been overshadowed. LeBron originally signed a 7 year $93 million deal with Nike 7 years ago and 2010 is the last year on that deal. Putting a quick end to his “sneaker free agency”, LeBron James has officially re-signed with Nike. The terms of his new deal with Nike are still under wraps but, the new deal is longer than his last. According to Maverick Carter, CEO of LRMR,

“Our relationship with Nike is more than a shoe deal,” Carter said. “It’s more like a joint venture — meaning we are working to build a business. His latest shoe, the LeBron VII designed by Jason Petrie is the best selling shoe we’ve ever had in LeBron’s line.”

For more, check out Darren Rovell’s article on [CNBC]


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