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The Knicks recently acquired Jalen Rose in a deal with Toronto in exhange for Antonio Davis, money, and a draft pick. 

Although Jalen Rose has been a solid player throughout his career, I
will always remember him as part of the Fab Five, a college team that
revolutionized Basketball court fashion.  Their uncanny mix of
black socks (BLACK SOCKS PEOPLE C’MON!!! This was tooo dope) and of
couse the recently rivatilized legend the Nike Huarache, forever
changed my CYO basketball career.  I still have numerous pairs of
Nike black socks in my drawer as I ran out to get them as soon as they
dropped.  I was the first one on my team to rock the black socks
(catch up people).  The Fab Five’s attitude, presence, and talent,
took the US by storm thus making a legend out of the Nike Huarache
sneaker.   I shed a tear in the memory of the Nike Huarache.

I only hope that Jalen can bring 2/8’s of that Fab Five swagger to the Knicks, which if you havent noticed, aren’t very good.



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