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Kix and the City’s best of May

-Shop Spotlight #2: The Revolution that is the Reed Space, Part II “Vive Le Revolucion” [Article]

-BusinessWeek Online Article “In Siren Song of Swoosh” featuring quotes from MaZe of Kix and the City [Article]

-Purple Reign: The Meaning Behind ALIFE Rivington Club’s Cryptic “Purple HAZE Square”, and why, It’s Just The Beginning [Article]

-Introducing New Kix and the City Category –  “Wear Fresh Kix” [Article]

-Akademiks Champagne and Shoes: Spring/Summer Footwear Line Preview [Article]

-KATC FEATURE: “Keeping it on the Go” with ARI and his Beautifully Complex “Menthol 10s” [Article]

-Around Kix and the City: A Quick Trip to Nike ID *PICS* [Article]

-Nike Air Force 1: A New York City Icon to Turn 25 in 2007 [Article]

-Around Kix and the City: CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 NL “Kiss of Death” on Display at ALIFE Rivington Club [Article]

For all of May’s posts click here

Also be sure to check out our Shop Spotlights, Sneaker Events, and KATC Features sections for older, but equally important Kix and the City articles


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