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I have decided to extend the KATC DXC contest until April 3rd.  The DXC is really picking up steam now and I would like to give everyone a chance to get in on it.  Also, I recently heard that a Major TeleVision network may be on hand to film some of the festivities…

To refresh your memory…

Kix and the City DunkxChange Contest

Kix and the City will be taking photo submissions of at minimum FOUR
(MAX 10) pairs of heat.  These submissions must show kix that you 100%
plan on selling/trading (If you send pics of your collection and then
show up on the day of the DunkxChange without your kix you will be
severly clowned, don’t play yourself). Although the event is entitled
DunkxChange, AF1’s, J’s, non Nike kix, etc., are still very much

Each submission must contain:

-A tagged (with your email address and web address) group shot of the Kix
-Details on each Kick (size, condition, name, etc)
-What you plan on doing with the kick
    -Trading: What are you looking for in exhange?
    -Selling: How much are you looking for?
-Your location in NYC (if you are not from NYC, please provide us with your location)
-Some details about yourself

Please send all submissions to, subject line Contest.

will be selected after the deadline and the winning pictures will be
posted on the site (so that everyone knows where to come pick up their


-Selling/trading of
kix is still 100% up to the seller/trader. Kix and the City WILL NOT
sell your kicks for you, we are providing you with an easier way to
sell/trade your kix and some “Ad” space on the site. 
-We do not want any money from kix that are sold, you can keep that in your pocket.
-Living in NYC is preferred but not necessary.
-Email addresses and details about yourself will not be posted on the site.



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