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In order to set the tone of this post I must preface it with this one line “it was pretty darn nippy”.


Upon hearing that my boys over at Beautiful Decay Magazine were
co-opting an event with Kid Robot for the releasing/autographing of two
new Dunny’s (I am still pissed that I had to read this on Hypebeast
Fubz, shout out to Fubz anyway), I hopped on the iron horse with my
reali digi camera, and of course my sk, to take some pics of the scene
and to continue my first installment of Around Kix and the City with my
SK. Now I must admit that I am not a member of the vinyl figure
culture even though there is a lot of cross over between sneaker
culture and vinyl figure culture. I completely respect vinyl
figures and Kid Robot for their artistry, intelligence, forsight, and
willingness to work with urban culture’s elite artists, BUT, I can only
spend all of my money on one thing…..

As I mentioned within the preface to this post, it was crazy cold
outside. It had to be the coldest day in NYC this year. I
must drive this point home because once I turned the corner to get to
Kid Robot, I was unprepared for what I was about to see.
Basically Nike has nothing on Kid Robot. THIS LINE WAS CRAZY!!!!
The line scaled half of a city block to the corner, AND THEN, around
the corner for another half of a block! All of these people had
to be freezing their banana nut cakes off!

I will pause this post now to say to these people, I salute you!
I completely understand material based addictions for I myself battle
one on a daily basis. Your courage and determination is

Anyway, the line was moving pretty well, despite the fact that
Kid Robot has a max capacity of about 3.5 people, counting the two
floor employees, and everyone seemed to be in good spirits and
organized. Once inside, Filth and Cycle were signing their
respective Dunny’s for the public. The Dunny’s themselves are
pretty beautiful and I definitely understand the line up. Here
are the pic from the Kid Robot event. Enjoy! (but read on)

So you know where this whole scene takes place.

The view of the line when I first turned the block. Craziness.

View of the line from half of the block to the end of the block. Craziness.

View of the line from the far corner of the block and then around that
corner. Craziness. Did I mention it was a bit cool outside?

If you were on line you had to get used to this view of people much
warmer than you enjoying their Dunny’s. It is somewhat masochistic.

Cycle and Filth signing their masterpieces and enjoying fine imported brew.

You can’t speak the Dunny language.

After snapping these pix I high tailed it to the Stussy store down the
block to check if they had anything new and to warm up for a sec.
This is where I met these guys…..

Now you may ask yourself why would I take a random pic of some random
dudes. Well these random dudes were cool, and not because they were
chilling on the stairs in the Stussy store with Supreme bags (although
that would probably get one a few cool points…).

NYC is a CUT THROAT sneaker market. I can not stress this enough. Most
sneaker heads in NYC are not willing to hook up a fellow sneaker head
AND some would even go out of their way to FOIL another sneaker heads
plans. These dudes though provided me with POWER in the form of
KNOWLEDGE regarding a certain world famous skate shop that had just
re-stocked a highly coveted recently released sneaker. All of this
giberish basically translates to “SUPREME DUN RESTOCKED SEND HELPS SON
HOLLA!” Holla indeed. Good lookin’ fellas!

I ran to Supreme and was basically the only person in the shop. Until
that is, the beasts came a’flocking. Upon entrance these beasts would
merely shout out numbers like 9, 10, 12! Now I would be lying to you if
I said that I did not understand this bestial language, for I myself,
am native of it….

The flock in Supreme.

I did though pick up this beaut!

New Era x Supreme NY Mets Hat! PEEP GAME!!!

This hat is hot and always remember this simple mathematical equation:

MAZE = METS FAN > Yankees

Until next time Dunny’s!



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