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Big shout out to HaiL and apextec for winning last week’s $50 gift certificate contest courtesy of!  Both HaiL and apextec will be receiving a $50 gift certificate to! Now go spend all that money in one place! Congratulations!

*Now on to Week #2!*

As a reminder:

Each and every Monday, for the next 3 weeks, Kix and the City will be offering all of our readers the opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to, and courtesy of,  During each week of this contest, Kix and the City will be giving out TWO individual $50 gift certificates to be utilized on anything available on  Each week the contest parameters will change, so be sure to check in.

Contest Rules

1) Submissions will be accepted via EMAIL ONLY at, subject line “GIVE ME MY KICKZSTORE.COM GIFT CERTIFICATE”
2) All submissions must include the alias name that you would like Kix and the City to use when announcing you as the winner, your full name (which will not be revealed), and of course, the answer(s) to the question(s) posed in the contest
3) The FIRST TWO COMPLETELY CORRECT SUBMISSIONS received will be considered winning submissions
4) All submissions must be received by Sunday 11:59pm EST.
5) Winners will be both announced on the site, as well as, notified by email
6) In order to prevent fraud, each contest WINNER must submit the mailing address they plan on using when ordering off of  This address will not be utilized for anything other than cross referencing the winner and the order.  Submitting your address is only necessary once you have been announced as a winner.
7) One entry per person
8) Previous Winner’s are ineligible for subsequent contests

Here is the contest for Week #2

Below you will find a pixelated picture of my favorite kix from my collection along with some clues as to what they are.  To win this week’s contest you must follow all of the rules above and answer the following question:

What kix are these (including Model Name and Nickname)? (there are a number of nicknames for this sneaker any correct nickname is applicable)


1) They are Nike Kix
2) They are Basketball Kix but not Jordans
3) This particular colorway has never been retroed



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