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Last week KATC ventured out of NYC on a cross country field trip to California. In addition to looking forward to the 85+ degree weather, we also sought to learn more about sneaker culture on the West Coast. Our first stop out West lead us to the DunkxChange LA/Anaheim held at the House of Blues Disney Land. After two stops in NYC, the DXC was back in its hometown where the event consistently attracts a large crowd of eager sneaker enthusiasts. A bit different than the NYC DXCs, KATC was on hand to snap several pix, as well as, get a good look into “So. Cal’s” sneaker culture.


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Due to the geography and reliance on cars to get around in Cali, the DunkxChanges held in Southern California take on a different dynamic than those held in NYC. As New Yorkers, it is easy to take Public Transportation and proximity for granted, in So. California though, neither of these two terms exist. Major Shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, etc. must be driven to and from. In So. Cal, the term “walking distance” is almost unheard of. Because of all of this, the DXCs in So. Cal serve as more of an epicenter for local buyers/sellers to congregate at a convenient and central location to buy/sell rather than the alternative method, driving up and down So. Cal from shop to shop. Unlike in NYC where most vendors bring their most rare and valuable kix, the vendors in Cali bring a mix of rare and valuable with, what New Yorker’s would consider, easily obtainable kix. For those in Cali though, these kix are not as easily obtainable without a considerable amount of time spent driving.


The most recent DXC LA/Anaheim was conveniently held at the House of Blues located in Downtown Disney, a large two level restaurant/bar/lounge/cub. The DXC occupied both the top and bottom floors, sparing only a piece of the restaurant. Although the HOB has a large maximum occupancy, once the line outside began to filter in at the start of the DXC, the HOB was instantly packed with potential buyers perusing vendors/tables that included, local Cali customizers, NYC’s own customizer’s RebelAire, h8rkicks, Akademiks, Twelve Clothing, Palis Clothing, King Poetic, and more. Tables offered a wide range of goods including OG classics, Retros, SBs, Bapes, PS3s, Clothing, and everything in between. As an added bonus, the Sole Collector champs known as the “Twins”, were on hand to display a small portion of their personal collection as well. The DXC remained packed throughout the day as deals and quality goods were thrown about.


For those anxiously awaiting the DXCs return to NYC, the event is scheduled to make its return in December/January.



[House of Blues Anaheim]



[A Line Formed Outside Well in Advance of the DXC’s Start]


[Vendors Preparing for the Crowd]


[Top Floor of the HOB, Outside]




[Upcoming Akademiks Footwear]



[Upcoming Dunk High Samples]

[Fire Red V Samples]

[“White Dunk” Dunk Lows]



[Twins Table Part 1]

[Twins Table Part 2]


[Bottom Floor of the HOB, Inside]





[h8rkix Table]



[RebelAire Customs]



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