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DJ Clark Kent Kixandthecity

Although he has only recently been propelled into the sneaker culture spotlight, DJ Clark Kent has been an integral part in helping to shape the lifestyle of our generation for decades. From his early DJ roots, to recognizing the uncanny talent in a young Jay-Z, to crafting several musical masterpieces, to tearing down hundreds of clubs around the world, to being one of the first and most devout Nike Air Force 1 connoisseurs, DJ Clark Kent is a true living legend. In this KATC Video feature, MaZe sits down with “Brooklyn’s Finest/God’s Favorite DJ” to discuss his past, present, and future, and of course, the Air Force 1.
To watch the feature, press the play button or the black space on the WKATC player in the WKATC module to the right, or, click [HERE] and press play or the black space in either the small or large (scroll down) player.
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