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House of Hoops

Located across the street from the legendary Apollo Theater at 268 West 125th Street Between Adam Clyton Powell and Frederick Douglas Blvd [MAP], the House of Hoops is billed as the ultimate Basketball Lifestyle retail experience. Complete with a consumer playable Half-Court (used as a wear test station to try out sneakers), a Video Game lounge, a movie lounge, and several rooms of exclusive/non-exclusive Nike Inc. product, the House of Hoops sets out to offer both amenities and products in a truly unique way. Unique in an of itself, the House of Hoops sells only the Basketball related products produced by Nike Inc., this includes product from Nike, Jordan Brand, and Converse. Each of these Brands occupies their own branded space within the House of Hoops, architecturally independent from the other. All of the products within these independent brand spaces are merchandised as visual packages with the sneakers and apparel linked through color, style, etc. For example, the Converse space features Converse footwear and Converse’s WADE 3, linked to matching pieces of Converse/WADE apparel. The same holds true for the Nike College room, the Jordan Room, the LeBron/Olympic Room, and the Charles Barkley Room. Though each room’s position is architecturally permanent, the merchandise within the rooms can obviously be changed out easily. Today’s Barkley room may be tomorrow’s Nike/Kobe room.
Of course the main draw of the House of Hoops is the location exclusives including, but not limited to, Nike Basketball Player Exclusive Special Make Ups. The Nike PEs occupy their own prominent space at the entrance of the House of Hoops with the large [PEWall].
Though many of our readers have not had the chance to visit the House of Hoops, through this KATC Video feature, we are providing a virtual tour and a glimpse into the media unveiling of the House of Hoops that took place prior to the public grand opening.
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