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Gilbert Arenas Adidas GIL II ZERO

Simply, yet powerfully, stated, the Adidas GIL II ZERO possesses the potential to radically alter they way much of the world perceives sneakers and sneaker culture. With a staggering 20 different colorways, including collaborations (actual collaborations not colorway inspirations) with powerhouses such as Coca Cola, Microsoft/Halo 3, Warner Bros./Looney Tunes, Bennihanas, and the NFL, along with underground favorites UNDRCRWN and Three Zero Toys/Eric So (this collaboration will include a sneaker and a 14 inch Gilbert Arenas figure), the GIL II ZERO may be just as much of an international entity, as a basketball sneaker. Beyond the actual sneaker and powerhouse collaborations, the large, full scale, integrated regional, national, and international marketing initiative tied to the complex web of unveilings and releases, can rewrite sneaker history books.
The Adidas GIL II ZERO was officially launched to the media last Wednesday in New York City. During this media launch, Gilbert Arenas was on hand to answer questions about the GIL II ZERO, his life, his game, and much more. In Part 1 of our two part Video Feature, Agent Zero sits down to talk about his history with Adidas, the importance of the Sneaker Community, the reason he plays in low tops, his Latin heritage, and much more.
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