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Charles Barkley

Though much of today’s younger sneaker collecting generation has not had the pleasure to watch Charles Barkley play the game of Basketball, his illustrious career, a career that included eleven NBA All-Star selections, several All-NBA Team selections, the 1993 NBA MVP Award, two Olympic Gold Medals, a spot in the Top 50 NBA Players of all time, and a Naismith Hall of Fame induction, epitomized Force. Considered too short and too heavy to ever make it, Charles Barkley and NBA Legend (and Force athlete) Moses Malone came together to mold a young Sir Charles into eventually becoming one of only four players in the history of the NBA to retire with 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists. His large and looming yet versatile and surprisingly quick frame, allowed Barkley to manhandle his opponents in the interior and drop a sweet jumper from 15.
Like his game, Barkley’s Nike signature line epitomized Force. On the outside, his Nike CB line appeared rugged, durable, and built for war against the likes of even Godzilla, on the inside, his line was surprising light and though many of his sneakers featured straps and heavy looking design embellishments, the CB line remained light enough for the Round Mound of Rebound to go to work. Though Michael Jordan and his line of sneakers set the tone for the history of sneakers, literally putting sneakers on the global map, Charles Barkley’s signature line can not be overlooked for its contribution to Sneaker History. Coupled with Nike’s marketing campaigns that included the infamous Barkley vs Godzilla and the controversial “I Am Not a Role Model” campaigns, the Barkley line from the Air Force 180, to the CB34, to the CB94, and everything in between proved that not only could big men sell sneakers, but, they could have a longstanding line of sneakers worthy of a chapter in the annals of Sneaker History.
To commemorate Charles Barkley’s contribution to the sport of Basketball and to the Nike line, Nike held a Charles Barkley event at Philadelphia’s SneakerVilla that included an intimate gathering of young local ballers and of course Charles Barkley himself, and, Bobbito Garcia. Bobbito interviewed Sir Charles for 45 minutes, touching on topics from his youth all the way through the Olympics and beyond. After this Q&A session, the media on hand sat down with Charles to discuss his life and career. During this session, Charles spoke of his and Nike’s relationship, his youth, the “I’m Not a Rold Model” campaign, and gave his thoughts on the state of the African American culture in the US.
KATC was on hand to capture video of Charles during the media session. To watch this video, click on the Charles Barkley episode in the WKATC module, or, click [HERE] for a larger video.
Discuss the KATC Video Feature with Charles Barkley in the KATC Community by clicking the “Add/View Comments” button, or, by clicking [HERE]


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