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Although it took us a day and several visits to find it, Puma’s Suite 948 at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel was well worth the hunt.


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In the days leading up to [Magic], information about Puma’s secret off-site suite and collaboration with the Las Vegas’ [Hard Rock Hotel] hit the Net. Although the information placed the suite in the Hard Rock, a very large hotel with hundreds of rooms, the exact room location was unknown. As Puma planned, if you were not looking for it, you would not have found it. With some work though, we discovered Puma’s Suite 948.


Suite 948 was Puma’s off site alternative to Magic. The suite served as a quiet location within which Puma could create an intimate atmosphere to showcase their upcoming offerings, and of course, distribute their complimentary Hard Rock x Puma Basket “Las Vegas” kix. The suite offered free drinks, free kix, and an in depth look into several of Puma’s lines including the RS100, the Clyde, the Disc, and many others. The kix decorated the suite posing as centerpieces, light fixtures, and book-ends. Several of Puma’s knowledgeable representatives were also on hand to help distribute the kix, drinks, and speak about Puma’s future plans. For those that could not make it out to Magic, or could not find the suite, KATC presents a virtual trip through Puma’s Suite 948.




Hard Rock Hotel x Puma Basket’s. Given out (complimentary) in the suite in two colorways Black/Red and White/Green, complete with a velvet purple bag.




The now legendary Yo! MTV Raps Puma Clyde. The Sample Green Yo! Clyde pictured in the foreground was not released to the public.




Foreground: The Puma RS100 3M Pack

Background: Green Patent Leather/Grey Ostirch combo Puma Clyde




Several upcoming Puma models




Upcoming Clydes




Ludacris x Puma Clyde “DTPs”




The return of the Puma Disc seen here with 3M accents



Puma Jetter with Speckled Midsoles



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