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In our continuing coverage of [Magic], KATC presents an inside look at the new Damon Dash owned [Pro-Keds].


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Before today’s big name sneaker companies began to dominate the sneaker market, Pro-Keds, under Uniroyal, owned the Basketball court, the Tennis Court, and most importantly, the Street. With players such as Lou Al Cindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabar), Bob Love, and Nate “Tiny Archibald” endorsing the product and with plenty of what we today call “Street Cred”, the Pro-Ked and Super Pro-Ked were THE sneaker that started many of the trends that we still see today.


Fast foward to 2006. Pro-Keds and its new owner Damon Dash, CEO of the Damon Dash Enterprises, are striving to resuscitate the Pro-Keds brand by releasing a wealth of new designs, as well as, some of the older and more classic models. Building on some of their new and more memorable offerings, such as the WonderBread and the Milk and Cookie, as well as several of the Pro-Keds legacy models, Pro-Keds is looking to make an even bigger return in 2007.















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