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For the next two weeks, each Monday and each Wednesday, KATC will be giving away a piece of true Sneaker/Hip-Hop history, an official Vinyl copy of the Nike commissioned Air Force 1 track “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic” featuring Kanye West, Nas, Rakim, and KRS-One, produced by Rick Rubin/DJ Premier. These limited edition pieces of Vinyl are not officially available for sale and were only given out to select DJs and tastemakers, and of course, 4 lucky KATC readers.
For all of the details of this contest, continue reading.


We have 4 pieces of Vinyl on hand. We will be contesting off one piece per day, this Monday/Wed and next Monday/Wed. Each contest day, we will post a different set of contest questions. Email submissions will only be accepted after the post goes live. In order to be eligible for this contest, YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF, and follow all of the directions of the contest in their entirety.

Each piece of Vinyl features the following:
Side A: “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” (prod. Rick Rubin) featuring Kanye West, Nas, and KRS-One
– full song
– instrumental
– acapella
Side B: “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been DJ Premier Remix)” featuring Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One, and Rakim
– full song
– instrumental
– acapella

Week 1 Monday Instructions: Using your KATC REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS, email the answers to the following questions to with the subject line “I Love Air Force 1s” by 12:00am EST, Wednesday, April 4th.
1) Who designed the Nike Air Force 1?

2) What are the names of the debut albums (full major album) from each of the artists featured on “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic”?
Winners, those that followed the contest instructions in their entirety, will be selected at random.
Good Luck!

Also, for those looking for a digital copy of these tracks, they can be purchased at:
All iTunes sales will be donated to Baltimore Youth Sports Charities.


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