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For the next week, Monday and Wednesday, KATC will be giving away a piece of true Sneaker/Hip-Hop history, an official Vinyl copy of the Nike commissioned Air Force 1 track “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic” featuring Kanye West, Nas, Rakim, and KRS-One, produced by Rick Rubin/DJ Premier. These limited edition pieces of Vinyl are not officially available for sale and were only given out to select DJs and tastemakers, and of course, 2 lucky KATC readers.
For all of the details of this contest, continue reading.
We have 2 pieces of Vinyl on hand. We will be contesting off one piece per day, this Monday/Wed and next Monday/Wed. Each contest day, we will post a different set of contest questions. Email submissions will only be accepted after the post goes live. In order to be eligible for this contest, YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF, and follow all of the directions of the contest in their entirety.
Each piece of Vinyl features the following:
Side A: “Better Than I’ve Ever Been” (prod. Rick Rubin) featuring Kanye West, Nas, and KRS-One
– full song
– instrumental
– acapella
Side B: “Classic (Better Than I’ve Ever Been DJ Premier Remix)” featuring Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One, and Rakim
– full song
– instrumental
– acapella
Week 2 Monday Instructions: Using your KATC REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS, email the answers to the following questions to with the subject line “I Can’t Wait to See the Air Force XXV Low” by 12:00am EST, Wednesday, April 11th.
1) Bruce Kilgore, the designer of the Air Force 1, is semi-famous for designing another very important signature basketball sneaker. What is this sneaker?
2) What are the nicknames/A.K.As if each artist featured on “Better Than I’ve Ever Been/Classic”? (there are multiple answers per artist, one A.K.A per artist is fine)
Winners, those that followed the contest instructions in their entirety, will be selected at random.
*Previous winners are ineligible for subsequent days of this contest*
Good Luck!
Also, for those looking for a digital copy of these tracks, they can be purchased at:
All iTunes sales will be donated to Baltimore Youth Sports Charities.


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