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Tinker Hatfield on the Air Jordan XX3

Though Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan line of sneakers are widely credited for creating “Sneaker Culture”, the history of sneakers as it exists today would be radically altered if it were not for Tinker Hatfield. Over 20 years ago, a young Michael Jordan, slightly unhappy with his first two Air Jordan sneakers, was being lured away from Nike to adidas by two ex-Nike employees. On the verge of leaving Nike, Tinker Hatfield walked into the room where Michael was explaining his potential flight from Nike and unveiled what would later become known as the Air Jordan III. The rest, is history.
Two decades and a number of the most memorable sneakers to ever grace the Basketball court later, Tinker Hatfield and Michael have come together once again to create the Air Jordan XX3, potentially, the grand finale to the Air Jordan line. During the official Air Jordan XX3 Press Conference, Tinker explained the design process and performance aspects of the Air Jordan XX3 to the invited press. After his detailing of the Air Jordan XX3, Tinker opened the floor to a Q&A session, during which, an a-typically shy press gallery hesitated to prod deeper into the Air Jordan XX3. With many of the key details regarding the XX3 still left uncovered, MaZe of sat down with Tinker Hatfield to delve deeper into the entire process behind the Air Jordan XX3, from it’s conception, to it’s design, to it’s delivery. Their conversation included everything from Tinker’s inspiration, the meaning behind the Air Jordan XX3, the purpose behind the argyle outer stitching, the purpose of the exposed seam at the heel, and much, much more.
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