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As I reported earlier this week, ALIFE is set to release “The Ball-Out” Court Victory Pump tomorrow morning at 11am. In anticipation of this release, KATC asked ALIFE a couple of questions about this stunning collab.


KATC: How did ALIFE and Reebok’s relationship come about?

ALIFE: The relationship between ALIFE and Reebok is pretty obvious. We sell Reebok shoes at the ALIFE RIVINGTON CLUB.

KATC: Off all of the classic sneakers that Reebok has in its line up why the Pump? (which of course is classic in itself but there are other models that Reebok is known for)

ALIFE: [This collaboration] is not about the pump. It’s about the concept. The shoe that was chosen just happened to have a pump.

KATC: What was the thought process behind the design of The Ball Out?

ALIFE: Our thought process was the same as it is for everything else we do, to be the best.

KATC: How many other ideas/designs did ALIFE create before deciding on this one?

ALIFE: There were a bunch of ideas kicked around, there are always a bunch of ideas being kicked around, but this was the obvious direction.

KATC: How long did this entire process take? From inception to production.

ALIFE: The ALIFE x Reebok Court Victory Pump took approximately six months, from inception to completion. A lot of soldiers were lost along the way.
KATC: Should we look forward to more ALIFE/Reebok collabs?

ALIFE: The next collaboration with Reebok is going to be with the ALIFE RIVINGTON CLUB. This year is the five year anniversary of the RIVINGTON CLUB and we’re going to be doing a lot of special things to celebrate.





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