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One of the most popular Air Max 90s of all time, the Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”, resurfaced this morning at NYC’s [Dave’s Quality Meat]. After sitting in the back room for nearly two years, this Bacon was still as fresh as the day it was first delivered.

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Rumors began to spread a few months back of a possible re-release of the legendary Dave’s Quality Meat designed Air Max 90 “Bacon” (this nickname is derived from the design of the sneaker which utilizes colors that resemble a slab of bacon). At the time these rumors began, very little was known in terms of the release date, release price, and most importantly, if the kix that were being “re-released” were the original Bacon’s that were initially released quite a while ago. Even as confirmation hit the Net yesterday that the Bacons were set to re-release with a bag of “goodies” today, August 25th, most of these initial questions remained unanswered. This did not stop the line from forming at 9:30pm outside of DQM the night prior to the release. Overnight the line remained thin, with only a handful of people electing to spend the night on an NYC sidewalk. As dawn approached, the line began and continued to grow to about 60 strong at 12pm, the time of release.








As 12pm neared, Dave (of DQM) came out of the shop to talk to the crowd and to snap some pix of the line as well. Dave’s appearance solved the last remaining piece of the Bacon package puzzle. In addition to the Bacon’s and a DQM T-shirt, the kix would also come with a “Show Your Support For Bacon” wristband.







Dave opened the doors to the shop promptly at 12pm. As the campers entered the store, he handed each one of them a “Show Your Support for Bacon” wristband.





As the campers piled into the store, the remaining questions were finally answered. The kix were sold at $204, and most importantly, these Bacon’s were in fact a re-release of the originals, bearing a production date of 9-14-04.







After all was said and done, there were plenty of kix to go around for everyone. Luckily for those that missed their chance to purchase a pair when they first released, today was their day to finally get some Bacon.





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