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As promised long ago, I present to you, The Nike Recess Federation. A MUST SEE (Click More)I first mentioned the Nike Recess Federtation, NRF for short, many moons ago within my Kobe ZK1 event post. In that post I promised to fill eveyone in on the NRF, so here we go…


The NRF is a SERIOUS (do not think otherwise) weekly basketball league sponsored by Nike. The league is comprised of players from media, design, advertising, PR, television, etc., and even some very passionate sneakerheads from around the great city of New York. These players write for major magazines, design for large companies, own their own companies, have thier own TV shows, run popular websites, work for professional New York sports teams, etc. To be honest, its actually pretty damn crazy who you might meet playing ball down there. Each and every tuesday for about 3 months, these professionals gather to play some SERIOUS (I told you, do not think otherwise) basketlball. The league was created by Jeff Staple (my coach, commishoner of the league, also dabbles in sneaker design) and it is now in its second year of existence. The NRF is a great way to work off five piece chicken selects meals, show your skills on the court through reliving your CYO/PSAL days, and more importantly, build relationships with some very important and powerful NYC professionals. The league has two conferences, an uptown conference and a downtown conference, comprised of five teams a piece, and each team has about 10 players. The teams are named after Nike sneaker lines such as, Air Force 1, Dunk, Terminator, etc, and the schedule holds about 16 games not including the playoffs. The league itself is very thorough, each player gets a uniform, the games are professionally refereed, and stats are kept by the second. Last night marked the league's mid-season point, celebrated through the NRF All-Star "Gala". The NRF All-Star night is exactly like the NBA All-Star weekend except for the NBA players, celebrites, models, lavish parties, etc. Ok, well its nothing like the NBA All-Star weekend, but, it was still just as fun. Our All-Star night was comprised of three events, The Three Man Skills Challenge, The Three Point Contest, and of course the All-Star Game itself. Each player on the All-Star teams received complimentary kix courtesy of Nike (See below for pics). Prior to beginning the game itself, the NRF presented the Gauchos basketball league with the proceeds from the Kobe ZK1 auction; a check for $6,800 (its good to do good in this hood). Before I leave you for the pics I must say this, like the NBA All-Star game, the NRF All-Star game brought out some absolutely ridiculous kix! Which kix were the best? You decide…. Holla! Serious Ball. Crazy Serious Ball Jeff Staple doing his best Michael Redd impression The check presentation to the Gauchos Basketball Program Taking an inventory of the complimentary Nike Footwear And now for the best kix of the night! Remember, you have the power to decide which pair takes it… Fresh PL Black/Gold 1s Crispy 2s! Not 1s, not 2s, BUT 3s!! DMP 6's! Holy Jesus! Even the ref was packing heat! All Black 10s! I AM SPEECHLESS! 14s STRAIGHT OUT OF GENTRY's STASH!!! Mint Varsity Purp 19 SE's! Stephon Marbury PEs! The Sneaker Pimp (right) swoops in on the PEs! The PEs come in two flavors! Last but not least, the COMPLIMENTARY NIKE KIX, yes complimentary means free… THIS POST IS SIZZLIN!!!


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