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The details of the, much anticipated, Jordan Brand speech are surfacing slowly. In addition to showing the audience many of JB’s upcoming releases, Gentry Humphrey provided the following tidbits:


*News Part I* Serious Heat via [ISS]

-Melo 3? Air Jordan III All Caro Nubuck, Caro Cement, Gold accent on midsole.
-Laser 5 with Orange Midsole, Green accents.

-Cool Grey 11 low I.E.

-Spizike looked like a hybrid of 3,4s,5s

-Black Toe jordan 1 retro

-Cool Grey jordan 1 with old box art on the side panel under swoosh

-22s will feature heat sensitive material that changes color during play23 will have new tech never seen. Tinker is designing it. Gentry said after the 23 the game shoes (24,25,etc) will be very difficult to get and JB will go a new direction.
-Cool Grey 3 will be lstyle release

-Next DMP will have 2 or 3 shoes.
-Special Edition of 15 will release
-5s will be all over 3m???
-AJKO will be retroed in some way.

-Hares will be a limited re-release
-Special Game Shoe is in the works for Chi-Town All Star Game in 2008.

*UPDATE NEWS PART II* cmonweb via [ISS]
-I think the Spiz’ikes also have accents from the 6s (they looked HIDEOUS)

-15s will take cues from the OG Samples, so they may look a bit

different (not sure exactly what this means, because I don’t remember

samples of the 15s)

-Gentry said that Green Bean 5s WILL be all over 3M

-He also showed the Maroon Vs (Also HIDEOUS)

-All of the 3s that he showed were very NICE (Caros, CGs and Fire Reds)

-He said it and I heard it, there will NEVER (and I quote NEVER) be

Nike Air on a Jordan Shoe. That’s not my opinion or guess, HE SAID IT.

Take it for what it’s worth

-He also showed the actual Melo 3 (not an AJIII, but Melos third Sig

Shoe), and they were a good looking hoop shoe. He only had the All

Blacks that have been posted recently

-Oh yeah, he showed the 22s, but I honestly didn’t get a very good look

at them, because he held them up only for a second. Can’t give an

opinion as yet.

Disclaimer: All Jordan Brand News Should be Considered Tentative


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