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I am sure many sneaker connoisseurs can relate to the classic dilemma that poses the question, “Where am I going tonight?”.

Unfortunately for sneaker connoisseurs this classic dilemma is further complicated by two variables thus changing the question to, “Where am I going tonight that won’t bash my pockets AND let me in with kix?”.

To help make this dilemma a bit easier, Kix and the City has created a new category entitled “Wear Fresh Kix”.  This category will feature parties and events that are:

1) In New York
2) Easy on the Pockets
3) Allow Kix for everyone (not just VIPs)
4) Relevant

The category is named “Wear Fresh Kix” because if you are going out, you might as well wear a fresh pair of those kix that you have boxed up in your closet.

All of the party/event listings will be available by clicking the “Wear Fresh Kix” link on the left of the site. 

Have a good time and don’t ruin your fresh kix.


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