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Basketball Sneakers

which sneaker would it be? This conversation started on the [ Twitter page] (drop us a follow) but we thought we’d bring it here to continue the conversation. With most of us caught up in College Hoops fever and with the weather getting warmer, we thought we’d ask….
If you had to hoop in one, and only one sneaker, for the rest of your life, which sneaker would it be? We aren’t trying to crown the best Basketball sneaker ever here, just interested in hearing your PERSONAL opinion. We’ve compiled a bunch of sneakers in the image above to jog your memory (obviously there are 100s more), and, we’ve had some interesting choices come through on Twitter so far. Remember, you would ACTUALLY HOOP in these, not chill in them.
Is the the obvious choice – the Air Jordan XI? Is it a cult favorite like the AND1 Tai Chi? Do you miss hooping in your adidas EQT Elevations?
Drop us a comment with your “one and only one” Basktball sneaker and drop us a follow on [Twitter] while you are at it.
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Basketball Sneakers


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