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As promised,Kix and the City’s coverage of the Gravis x Stash reception hosted by Recon.




Last night Recon NYC played host to the official NYC launch of Gravis’ new “Black Box” collection, a collaboration between world famous artist/designer Stash and Gravis Footwear.


BUT before I get into the coverage of the actual event I would like to present to you, my reader, just how crazy living in NYC and loving kix can be. I stopped by Recon a bit early to, truth be told, pick up the Quickstrike AM1’s found in this post. As I was approaching the door, I noticed several kids curiously peering through the window. When I got to the door it was opened from inside, and, who would emerge from within the store? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? None other then Lil’ Jon himself….Apparently he likes Recon just as much as I do….Unfortunately for Lil’ Jon and myself, Recon was closed for business because they were preparing for the night’s event. (Dope segue right?)


I returned to Recon at around 6:15 for the beginning of the event. In true Recon event fashion, the shop was already pretty packed with the event having only begun 15 minutes earlier. I grabbed a beer (for the first time probably since college) and proceeded to walk around the shop (shout out to Sapporo for so graciously providing us with refreshments for the night).


The shop was transformed into a very intimate Black Box Collection display. The collection’s sneakers, tees, bags, accessories, etc. replaced Recon’s normal inventory, providing everyone in attendance with a very hands on experience. For this collection, Stash went with a purple/gray/white camo print on a black or white base. The design is very nice and intricately simple (an oxymoron I know). What is most striking though, beyond the design of course, is the collections’ quality and workmanship. The camo print is embroidered on the sneakers, tees, hoodies, etc., rather than printed on. The embroidery is very detailed and the materials used throughout the collection are all nice and heavy. No cheap stuff here. Quality and workmanship like this is not often found in today’s sneaker world. For this I applaud Gravis and Stash (join in with me now).


Now I must admit that I am not a big fan of kix from brands other than the big players (brand loyal, closed minded, brain washed, take your pick) but I am a fan of the “Comet Mid” designed by Stash for the reasons mentioned above. The mold of the sneaker is very simple and it is not trying to do much on your feet beyond providing a perfect palate for Stash’s design. The camo areas are all embroidered and the leather is top notch. I myself prefer the Powder/Camo kix (white with Camo).


After taking a good look at the collection and snapping a couple of pix, I was able to chop it up with Sean from Recon (BIG SHOUT), my boy Hyro (an up and coming artist, be on the look out) and I even spoke to Futura about his recently leaked rap song.


Shout out to everyone that helped put this event together. Thank you for a good time. Shout out to Stash for his great design and shout out to Gravis for recognizing the strength of our culture. And now what you have really been waiting for…


The refreshment stand


Recon was packed


Stash being a fan at his own event.


The man behind the Black Box Collection, Stash


Sean representing


Stash and Futura chopping it up


Pic of the White “Comet Mid”, notice the fine embroidery


Pic of the Black “Comet Mid”, again notice the fine embroidery


The display wall of Comet Mids and Vitamin Water…


The Black Comet Mid


The large “Jetway” bag


The Event’s complementary T-shirt



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