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Gilbert Arenas Rocking Nike on NBA Media Day

Today is the NBA’s Media Day and I am sure that we will see a lot of interesting pieces on the feet of NBA players. The first interesting piece to pop up is on the feet of Gilbert Arenas. As I reported a while back, after Gilbert Arenas’ legal problems last season, adidas severed their ties with the all-star guard. Prior to his injury and then legal issues, adidas and Gilbert enjoyed a very good relationship. If you’ll remember, adidas and Gil planned to release that huge Gil Zero collection a couple years back that featured over 30 colorways. Now that Gil is no longer with adidas, he opted to rock a pair of Orlando Nike Air Penny 1s for his NBA Media day pics. Nike has said anything about signing Gilbert so chances are he did this on his own but, could we be watching Gil go to work in Nike’s this year? Or, will Gil go the “sneaker free agent” route and rock sneakers across all brands? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, Gilbert would be a solid pick up for any brand if he can stay healthy.

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Gilbert Arenas Rocking Nike on NBA Media Day

Gilbert Arenas Rocking Nike on NBA Media Day


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